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AAST Entrepreneurship Center

To be the top entrepreneurship center in the Middle East and Africa, engaging students, supporting startups, and businesses throughout the region SUSTAINABLY
The Entrepreneurship Center of AAST is a comprehensive center for Youth Development, specialized in Entrepreneurship & Innovation aim to build a generation of youth entrepreneurs and change agents to positively impact Egyptian & Arab economy through encouraging innovative initiatives and private business functioning throughout all colleges and premises of the Academy.
There are Five core elements to the Center for Entrepreneurship to help students develop their own business or leave a positive social impact:
Awareness about Entrepreneurship, to promote and nurture concepts like Start-Up / Social Entrepreneur/ Intra-preneur)
Capacity Building. (Designing and delivering programs to Develop future leaders and change agents through Talent Exploration & Leadership programs).
Start Up support. Supporting potential & operating startups to by offering them training programs to empower their operational skills for smoother business management.
Entrepreneur of The Year Award: Call for Innovative ideas either New Ventures or initiatives solving Social problems like education, (Idea to business & Idea to Impact).
Connect youth to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Help entrepreneurs in networking with the main stakeholders who may support their business like accelerators, mentors and Incubators, in addition to access to investors or venture capitalists.